This is a temporary page, so these pictures show just a few of our  many instrument options.

Looking for something special? No worries! Being a one-man shop, we're flexible, and can doubtless cater to your wishes. For more information, contact us...


Wether it's our tried and true Adirondack 00-model or the new Small Jumbo guitar, Heeres steelstrings are made with only the finest materials available.


Individually set up for optimum playability they enable your creativity to flow unhindered.


With their tasteful ornamentation and - regardless of the model - well-balanced sound, they are second to none when it comes to hand-crafted guitars.


For the sound of our steelstrings, click here...


Price: from € 4.100,00 (ex VAT)




All models are made with Master grade European Spruce or Sitka Spruce tops and European Tigerstripe Maple or Quilted Maple.


They are fitted with Gotoh 510-series tuners and our hand-wound pickups or one made by Kent Armstrong.


Our archtop models are available in several sizes: 


Newport: 15", thinline

Montreux: 16", thinline

Berlin: 16", full depth

Montreal: 17" full depth


For the sound of our archtops, click here...


Price: from € 5.950,00 (ex. VAT)




Nylon Jazz

Our Geneva cross-over nylon string models were designed for use on stage.

These models combine a 48 mm. nut width with a slightly radiused fretboard and low action for playing comfort.

They feature a piëzo pickup for amplification and have m.o.p. position markers for orientation.


Geneva models are available with a Western Red Cedar or European Spruce top and Honduran Mahogany or East Indian Rosewood sides.


Price: from € 4.100,00 (ex. VAT)


For a YouTube clip by Andreas Schultz of Akustik Gitarre, click here...