Next concert in the 'Heeres Guitars Presents' series is a performance by Olaf Tarenskeen and Yvonne Smeets on 25-5-2019 at DNR theatre, The Hague.

For more information and tickets, click here: https://www.denieuweregentes.nl/…/olaf-tarenskeen-yvonne-s…/


Hope to see you there!


Good tools are half the job. To express yourself musically, your guitar should work with you, allowing your creativity to flow unhindered.

Every part of a Heeres guitar is hand made to do just that. Guaranteed to give you a lifetime of inspiration, whether you're a lover of fine guitars, or a professional player, or both.

Use it to relax after a day's work or as your workhorse on stage. The pleasure of owning a handmade Heeres guitar is rivalled only by the thrill of playing it.