What's the difference between your custom made guitars and the Small Jumbo's?

All our custom made instruments are individually crafted. Each one unique and built in liaison with the player. This means that even if we build a traditional model, a lot of time goes into design sessions, measurements, deciding on woods, machine heads, ornamentation, et cetera. It's a marvelous process, but, as you can imagine, it comes with a price tag.

Building a series, such as the Small Jumbo, is quite a different kettle of fish. We do all the deciding and designing, and set out to work. Once tools are set for certain tasks it's really much more time-efficient to repeat them 20 times. This enables us to build high-end guitars at competitive prices, without any compromise to quality of materials or workmanship.


Where can I try your guitars?

Our instruments can be tried at the Heeres shop, at The Fellowship of Acoustics, or we could send it to you. Try it for a week or two. If it's not your guitar, you can send it back for a full refund.


A selection of our instruments can be tried at the following shows:

Holy Grail Guitar Show, Berlin ((GER), 5/6-5-2018

How do I order?
Easy. Send us an e-mail stating your interest and we'll let you know wether or not your preferred model is in stock. If it is, we will send it to you the same day we receive your payment.  Small Jumbo's: If it's in a batch of we're working on, you'll receive an invoice for a first installment of €500,00. Upon receiving your payment you are guaranteed the Heeres Small Jumbo model of your choice. The maximum wait for Small Jumbo's is 6 months, but we're usually a lot faster. Please inquire.

Can I choose my own tuners or pickup? Sunburst finish? Cutaway? Do you build lefties?
No problem, all our instruments can be tailor made to your wishes.
For the Small Jumbo series, there's a couple of minor conditions which we're pretty sure you'll understand. 
Although the Small Jumbo's are made in series, most of the work is still done by hand. So, it is only possible to offer these high end guitars at competitive prices because we work in batches of identical instruments. This means that we can still do any finish you want or fit any tuner or pickup, but at the extra costs for parts and labour, and provided the instrument is paid for in full.
The label in my Small Jumbo says 'Concept Model'.  What's that? 
The Concept Models were the first batch of four, so one of each type. They were called Concept Model or Prototype (which, technically, they weren't), because, although we were confident about the quality of our design, we wanted to incorporate any comments guitarists might have into subsequent models. This resulted in two minor adjustments: bindings were made slightly higher, and the fretboard-end design was established.