Introducing the Heeres Small Jumbo Model

Why a Small Jumbo?

The traditional Super Jumbo model, with its prominent lower bout and tight waist, is arguably the most versatile of all guitar models.

The heavy bass and strong trebles, its trademark sound, have inspired generations of musicians of all styles. Talking to these players in our shop, at shows, and many other occasions, the one thing that kept coming up was its size. For many, it's just too big. Besides, small instruments have been gaining in popularity for years. The question that invariably followed these observations was: 'Could you make it smaller?'


Well, here it is! Heeres Guitars, in close collaboration with B | s | m | r Guitars, have re-designed the Super Jumbo model to a manageable size, while preserving its tonal properties at a surprising volume. 

In a nicely paradoxical mood, we've named it Small Jumbo.


This guitar will give you the full bodied, big sound of its larger cousin, with all the characteristics today's guitarist appreciates so much. Only this time, you can get your arm around it!


A selection of Small Jumbo models can be tried at the following shows:


Vintage Veenendaal, March 2021 (if Covid permits)