Build your own Archtop Ukulele!


This A1-size, 1:1 scale plan has all the dimensions necessary to make a succes of your project! It comes with some tips and tricks and additional information that will make a newbie's life easier, and a drawing for an alternative tailpiece.

It's supplied rolled, so no creases, and ready to pin to your workshop wall and start building!



A set of CNC-machined templates of the body shape, headstock, tailpiece and arches is available. For accuracy, dimensions were taken by 3-D pointcloud from the Uke in the pictures. Made out of  3 mm. perspex (or its stronger cousin PETG, to be exact), they'll last a lifetime.


Prices (ex. vat & shipping):
Plan: € 39,-
Plan and templates: € 125,-


Ordering is easy through our contact page.


Below are pictures of the finished Concert-Size Archtop Ukulele in the plan, and some pictures taken during its build. Need more help? Check out our free online guitar making course on our YouTube channel here...