00-Model (Mahogany)

Merel van Hoek plays 'Home' on a 00-model with Sitka Spruce top and Curly Mahogany back and sides.

00-Model (Rosewood)
Wim Bronnenberg plays a medley on a Rosewood 00-model with Sitka Spruce top.
MP3 Audio bestand 6.0 MB

OM-Model (Mahogany)

Boudewijn Willems plays 'Traveling Clothes' by Tommy Emmanuel on a Heeres OM-model with Adirondack Spruce top and Honduran Mahogany back and sides.

OM-Model (Rosewood)

Daan van den Bergh plays 'Rosse Sea' from his album 'Imagicial: It was an Epoch' on a Rosewood OM-model with an Adirondack top.

Dreadnought (Maple)
Arie Storm improvises a little bit of blues on a Maple Dreadnought model.
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15" Newport Model (thinline)
Thomas Hilbrandie plays Skating in Central Park on a 15" Newport Model fitted with a hand-wound Kent Armstrong humbucker.
Skating In Central Park.mp3
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16" Montreux Model (thinline)

Marcio Philomena plays a standard on his Montreux Model Archtop, fitted with a hand-wound Kent Armstrong humbucker.

16" Montreux Model (thinline)
Maurice Rugebregt plays Waltzin' Queen on a 16" Montreux Model fitted with a Hauessel humbucker
Waltzin' Queen.mp3
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16" Berlin Model (full depth)
Olaf Tarenskeen plays 'Skylark' on a 16" Berlin Model fitted with a floating Kent Armstrong humbucker.
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Master Model Cocobolo

Arturo Ramon plays a Granainas on his Cocobolo Master Model flamenco guitar. This guitar features a master grade European Spruce top and hand-made Rodgers machine heads.

Concert Model Cypress

Johan Frauenfelder plays 'Redobles' from his 'Solos' album on a Concert model with Spanish Cypress back and sides and a European Spruce top.


Master Model Ziricote

Fernando Riscado Cordas plays 'Aires de La Mancha' by Federico Torroba on a Master Model classical guitar with European Spruce  top and Ziricote back and sides.

Concert Model Rosewood
Fernando Riscado Cordas plays Federico Mompou on a Concert Model classical guitar with Western Red Cedar top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides.
Fernando Cordas Federico Mompou.mp3
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Small Jumbo

See and hear

Our good friend Terence Hansen wrote a one-minute track to demonstrate our Small Jumbo models. To illustrate the tonal differences between them, he plays the same piece on all four versions.


The recordings were made by Erik Schurman at Bullet Sound Studios.


Click on the guitar pictures to take you to a YouTube clip, or download the mp3's.



Small Jumbo Mahogany.mp3
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Small Jumbo Maple I.mp3
MP3 Audio bestand 1.9 MB
Small Jumbo Maple II.mp3
MP3 Audio bestand 1.9 MB
Small Jumbo Rosewood.mp3
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